Keepsake Coins- Personalised Coins and Mementos for Any Occasion

Keepsake Coins is a creative venture that allows you to personalise your own lasting memento. Our core product is the keepsake coin- you have complete design license over this and can personalise it exactly how you like. You can use digital photographs, designs, messages and embellishments to achieve the exact look you are after. Feel free to fill in our free Coin Design Form which will walk you through the design process, browse our range of unique keepsakes for any occasion, or contact us here.

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My daughter asked if she would be able to get her face on a coin just like the Queen, didn't think it was possible until I stumbled across Keepsake Coins on the Internet.  Easy process you just email your picture you would like and message on coin, was so pleased with the end  result and my daughter was so delighted once she saw her face on the coin so real looking.

Pauline Saadoune June 8, 2018

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Portfolio Sample

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How to order

  • If you are interested in designing your own personalised coin, you can start by filling in the Free Coin Design Form.
  • This form allows you to upload the photos and messages for your coin.
  • I will then digitally model your design and send you some mock-up photos.
  • From this mock up you can decide whether you want to go ahead with having the coins produces, or request any changes be made.
  • If you are happy with the design, I will move the coins to production- the turn around is generally two- three weeks.
  • Please see our product pages for guidelines on pricing.
  • There are discounts  applied when buying a design in bulk.

Producing the coins

  • Each coin design is 3D printed using state of the art multijet modelling technology.
  • A silicone mould is then made of the coin.
  • The design is then cast in a lead free pewter alloy which is selected to retain the design's high resolution detail.
  • The coin is then given an antique finish to highlight the detail.

Other Keepsakes by Keepsake Coins

  • At Keepsake Coins we pride ourselves on our creativity and have a range of unique gifts centring around the pewter coins.
  • Family trees- we produce family trees with a wooden tree and a pewter coin for each family member.
  • Baby Spoons, Family/ Wedding Books, Wedding Carriages and more also available.

How will your coins be packaged?

  • The first two coins of your order will be provided with a presentation packet and a coin capsule.
  • Packaging for further coins in the order must be purchased separately if required, you can view the packaging range here.


At Keepsake Coins we have the capacity to digitally and hand sculpt most items and produce them in various sizes- so we are happy to accept bespoke orders. Contact us with more details.